The Hebrew term “kosher” literally means “fit” (to eat). The laws of kosher define the foods that are fit for consumption for observant Jews.  However, kosher is not only a “mitzvah” – a divine “commandment” and “connection”. Kosher is a way of life. Furthermore, it is a state of mind. It stands for elevated standards, high quality products and humane treatment of animals. At the same time, it creates the feeling of warmth, coziness and familiarity. Kosher – that implies community, family, and love.

Religion turns eating into a sacred act. Shabbeskitchen unifies the particularity of kosher meals with emotional comfort on a sophisticated, eclectic, and unique level. Mastermind Yael Loutati and executive chef Ali Dogan bring a sense of togetherness and communality to the table paired with excellent kosher meals and deals. 

 Yael, a German-born Jew, and Ali, a Muslim from Turkey, are the perfect proof that cooking and eating together can overcome all interfaith and transnational boundaries.

Top-class kosher food prepared by executive chef Ali, and coordinated by Shabbeskitchen initiator Yael, presents a unique and much needed service in Austria’s capital city. Not just for the people of Vienna, but also as a service for the many tourists who are visiting and who keep kosher. Shabbeskitchen is the high-scale “yiddishe mame” away from home – your kosher food supplier using excellent products and adding a dash of love.   

The Team behind Shabbeskitchen

Yael Loutati

CEO (Procurement & Event Management)

Born in Germany, Yael grew up in a non-religious household. However, every Friday night, when her mother would light the Shabbat candles, Yael’s home turned into an especially peaceful and calm place. It was that feeling of warmth and serenity, being close to family members and friends, the Kiddush prayers and the lovely meal, which initiated her quest to take a closer look at Jewish traditions. 

Keeping kosher can be tricky sometimes – especially when traveling abroad. “Making kosher food accessible anywhere in Europe is the ultimate achievement of my dreams. I believe that keeping kosher is not a compromise, it is a zechut. You don’t have to lose quality of life because you keep kosher.” Her Shabbeskitchen allows every customer to either order out kosher food (delivery service) or have a full-fledged Shabbat dinner at Shabbeskitchen Restaurant in Vienna’s 3rd district. Furthermore, Shabbeskitchen offers a catering service for events and private parties.

Yael has a dazzling personality, she is full of life, energy and zeal, always eager to fulfill her dreams. She is also a mother of three and married to Nadav Loutati, who is the Head of Logistics at Shabbeskitchen.

Ali Dogan

Chef de cuisine

Mehmet Ali Dogan was born in Bursa, Turkey, and moved to Vienna in 1988 after finishing his apprenticeship as chef at the tourism school “Bursa Anadolu otelcilik turizm lisesi”. For a period of 28 years, Ali then was a chef at the luxury hotel “Pyramide-Vösendorf” – creating exquisite meals and hosting events for up to 5,000 people. Eventually, Ali, who is married and the father of an adult son, took it upon himself to focus more on cooking according to his own cultural and religious heritage: “Dietary laws for Muslims and Jews show many similarities – halal and kosher are not so far apart, which is why – as a Muslim – I am very empathetic to the concept of keeping kosher. However, preparing strictly kosher dishes still is extremely challenging for me. But I love my job, and I do so every day.”

Sandra Berkson

Business Development & Marketing

Nechemia Rotenberg


Nadav Loutati


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