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We provide kosher food for (dairy) breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee breaks and special events. Kosher wine and Prosecco can be served upon request. Your guests can try and taste from a large variety of meals and deals, meat and parve dishes. Shabbeskitchen’s team of skilled professionals is dedicated to producing a kosher experience that leaves lasting memories. The talented culinary team is committed to providing high-end kosher cuisine. Shabbeskitchen will ensure that your Jewish guests will feel really and truly at home.


Shabbeskitchen is under the supervision of Rabbi Nechemia Rotenberg.
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Rabbi Nechemia Rotenberg please click here.

Breakfast | € 14,50*

Enjoy an excellent breakfast that makes for a lovely start to the day: Succulent pita bread, regional cheese, a side of fresh vegetables, Austrian jam, butter, eggs and tea.

Lunch / Dinner | € 37,90*

A hearty three-course meal including a cold starter, a warm entrée with a side of salad and a delicious dessert gets you through your day.

Coffeebreak | € 9,00*

Winding down with an exquisite assortment of cookies and cakes paired with delicious tea. Have a break, reboot and enjoy the moment.

Shabbat | € 55,00*

An eclectic Shabbat dinner including several courses. Experience Shabbat away from home with high-end cuisine and the warmth and comfort of tradition and homeliness.

* Prices excl. VAT

Shabbeskitchen & Partner Hotels

For the utmost experience of the city of Vienna, Shabbeskitchen has joined forces with a number of hotels that will happily provide you with kosher meals.

Delicious kosher food for different occasions


Coporate Events



Individual Travel


Yael Loutati

Keeping kosher can be tricky sometimes – especially when traveling abroad. “Making kosher food accessible anywhere in Europe is the ultimate achievement of my dreams. I believe that keeping kosher is not a compromise, it is a zechut*. You don’t have to lose quality of life because you keep kosher.” Her Shabbeskitchen allows every customer to either order out kosher food (delivery service) or have a full-fledged Shabbat dinner at Shabbeskitchen Restaurant in Vienna’s 3rd district. Furthermore, Shabbeskitchen offers a catering service for events and private parties.

Ali Dogan

Mehmet Ali Dogan was born in Bursa, Turkey, and moved to Vienna in 1988 after finishing his apprenticeship as chef at tourism school “Bursa Anadolu otelcilik turizm lisesi”. For a period of 28 years, Ali then was a chef at luxury hotel “Pyramide-Vösendorf” – creating exquisite meals and hosting events for up to 5,000 people. Eventually, Ali, who is married and the father of an adult son, took it upon himself to focus more on cooking according to his own cultural and religious heritage: “Dietary laws for Muslims and Jews show many similarities – halal and kosher are not so far apart, which is why – as a Muslim – I am very empathetic to the concept of keeping kosher. However, preparing strictly kosher dishes still is extremely challenging for me. But I love my job, and I do so every day.”

Rabbi Nechemia Rotenberg

Rabbi Nechemia Rotenberg, born and raised in Israel, moved to Vienna in 2002 where he was the Rosh Yeshiwa of the “Zehut” Yeshiva. Rabbi Rotenberg is also in charge of different badatz kashruyot in Europe. Furthermore, he was in charge of the kosher list for the Viennese Jewish community. Since 2018 Rabbi Rotenberg is the community Rabbi of Sawijon in Israel. Rabbi Rotenberg gives kashrut to many kosher hotels around the globe throughout the year and for Pessach. Rabbi Rotenberg is married and has 8 children.


Top-class, 100% kosher food prepared by executive chef Ali under supervision of Rav Nachemia Rotenberg.


Kosher meals need special handling. Therefore we will provide you with a simple handling instruction guide to make sure our meals keep their kosher status.


You will receive an electronic invoice as soon as our delivery is done. We strive to keep everything as convenient as possible for you and your guests

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Invoice Details

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