Sophisticated family style dining

Shabbeskitchen offers a warm and cozy feel-good atmosphere in the heart of Vienna’s 3rd district. The restaurant has a total of 34 seats and two highchairs. Shabbat service at Shabbeskitchen is a unique experience emphasizing on togetherness, community feeling, celebrating traditions and an eclectic meal. A very special experience for tourists visiting Austria’s capital city and an amazing adventure for everyone who enjoys a hearty Shabbat away from home. Sometimes, when the atmosphere is particularly exuberant, Yael Loutati – mastermind and owner of Shabbeskitchen – offers a free supplement of tea, nuts, vodka and additional desserts. “This is the way I do Shabbes at home – customers at Shabbeskitchen are family too,” she says.

There is probably hardly anything more homey, idyllic and comforting than eating and celebrating Shabbat together. Singing “Shalom Alechem” and “Eshet Chayil”, lighting the candles and making Kiddush, benching as a group and sitting around a lusciously laid table full of excellent food like one big family – heartwarming routines and cherished traditions, all of which are made possible by skilled and devoted Shabbeskitchen personnel. For those who look for a different experience, new Shabbat mates or simply a home away from home.

Your shabbat reservation:

Shabbat service at Shabbeskitchen includes:

  •  a variety of fresh salads (up to 12 different choices)
  •  exquisite fish dishes
  •  savory main courses (up to 2 different choices)
  • delicious desserts
  • a variety of soft drinks
  • an assortment of wine

Price per person: EUR 35.-

Price per person for groups of 10 or more: EUR 30.- 
(reservations and payment per group only)

Opening hours:

Come and experience a special and unique Shabbat at Shabbeskitchen and be part of our family! We will open our doors on Friday and Saturday for group reservations of 10 or more.

We start our delicious dinner 1 hour and 20 minutes after the tefila in Bet Chabad.

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